Ep. 1 11/27/16 Show Notes ft. Noʻu Revilla

For November 27, 2016, Noʻu Revilla shares a documentary poem in support of the water protectors of Standing Rock. Check out her poem below plus a short playlist curated by the poet herself.

Introduction from the poet: “I decided to create a documentary poem based on the supplies list for Sacred Stone Camp. Indigenous people and their allies are defending themselves against state-sanctioned violence, desecration of their sacred lands and waters, environmental racism, and corporate greed. These fights are hard enough without also having to fight hunger and cold. What do we need? This poem in progress shares some practical answers for those defending Oceti Sakowin lands and waters while also considering spiritual and community needs.”

BIO: Noʻu Revilla is a Polynesian poet and educator in the English Department at UH-Mānoa. She stands with the water protectors of Standing Rock.


1) “For Salome (Mix #1)” by Teresia Teaiwa (buy this track here)
2) “Coming Home” by Lizz Wright (preview here)
3) Noʻu’s documentary poem for Standing Rock (1:17)
needed supplies
sacred stone camp
oak fire / maple fire / ash fire / wood
needed supplies / pick up truck / four wheel drive
this is where the road ends
this is where we start walking
start needing supplies / snow tires / chains / gas cards
needing supplies / needing sleep
sleeping bags for subzero temperatures
this is where sheets / fur blankets test
our convictions / test / this is where 
the road ends needed supplies
young warriors
this is where sacred is needed
P.O. Box 1011
Fort Yates, North Dakota
oak fire / maple fire / ash fire / wood
sacred is needed
young warriors, start walking
4) “LSD” by Jamila Woods

Also featured in today’s show is Cannupa Hanska Luger, Dylan Mclaughlin, Ginger Dunnill, Merritt Johnson, Nicholas Galanin’s video poem, “We Are in Crisis,” which you can view below. As the artists say, “In the effort we have made to gather image and sound for collective works to come, we wanted to first release this gratitude film in offering to the water protectors, the land and the water. #NODAPL #waterislife #mniwiconi”

We Are In Crisis from Dylan McLaughlin on Vimeo.

I am sharing this poem with aloha for the artists, who have asked that viewers share this piece far and wide.

Finally, here are more charged songs that I played on today’s set.

–This one is written in direct response to Water Is Life and the fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline:

–And Supaman is just dope:

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