Ep. 3 12/11/16 Show Notes ft. Craig Santos Perez

For December 11, 2016, Craig Santos Perez shares a poem in support of the water protectors at Standing Rock. Check out his poem below plus a short curated playlist by the poet himself.

INTRO FROM THE POET: in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and all peoples protecting the sacred waters of this earth

BIO: Craig Santos Perez is a native Chamorro from the Pacific Island of Guam. He is the author of three book, most recently from unincorporated territory [guma’], which received an American Book Award 2015. He is an associate professor in the English department at the University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa.


  1. “All Life Is Sacred” by Dåkot-ta

2. “Chanting the Waters” by Craig Santos Perez

Click here for the text to Craig’s poem.

3.  “Much to Do (Back to Guahan)” by Erica Benton


–Andre Perez’s message to Hawaiʻi from December 8:


–Louise Erdrich’s “How to Stop a Black Snake,” published on the New York Times.

–Veterans’ apology from December 5:


–Dave Archambault II’s message from December 5, “it’s okay to go home”

Sacred Stone Camp’s call to action for the month of December

–December: Every Day is a #NoDAPL Day of Action: 



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