Ep. 16 4/11/17 Show Notes, ft. Julia Katz

This week’s show features the poetry of Julia Katz plus a musical playlist curated by the author herself.


Julia Katz writes poems about G-d and gay love to forget about her dissertation. Her work has been published in LIES: Volume II and Imagining Asia in the Americas, and is forthcoming from Pacific Historical Review. She gets around Honolulu but always comes home to her dog.


These are poems about violence, trauma, time, and endurance.  In “Ella,” the sudden trauma of assault and consequent conflict–negotiating with a haunting, ephemeral, potential presence–occasions a rumination on loneliness as a lifelong condition. In “Shaolin,” histories of violence are exorcised through sublime communion with the ghostly and godlike images of an empowering icon, inspiring embodied expressions of rage allowed to echo across time and space. In “Song of the Sea,” multiple planes that seem to contain eternity are considered–the ocean and outer space–returning to time and neverendingness as a subjective conception sustained by our own memories. We are the keepers of our own time, the archives of our own traumas–our loneliness is as infinite as we conceive it to be. We are blinks and specks that have been here for ever and will never fade away. And from these contradictions, we should draw both caution and empowerment.


  1. SONG “In the Flesh” by Blondie
  2. POEM Ella
  3. SONG “Lau Ma Al Mahaba” by A-WA
  4. POEM Shaolin
  5. SONG “To Love Somebody” by Janis Joplin
  6. POEM Song of the Sea
  7. SONG “Vereda Tropical” by Tona la Negra

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