6/13/17 Show Notes, ft. Kapena M. Landgraf

This week features the fiction of Kapena M. Landgraf and the musical playlist he has curated to be played around his works.


Kapena M. Landgraf is currently pursuing his PhD in English at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. You’ll find him at his desk in Maunalua, staring at a shelf of books he needs to read and missing the sounds of the Hilo rain. The recipient of Bamboo Ridge’s “Best New Writer” for issue #108, Kapena writes to reclaim a past he wishes he could remember.


  1. SONG–“Wanting Memories” by Kealiʻi Reichel 
  2. FICTION–“ʻAi Pōhaku” 
  3. SONG–“Kaulana Na Pua” by the Mākaha & Sons 
  4. SONG–“Pohakuloa” by Gary Heleamau 
  5. SONG–“Hawaiian Soul” by Jon Osorio and Randy Borden 
  6. FICTION–“Nā Iwi” 
  7. SONG–“Hawaiian Man” by Weldon Kekauoha 
  8. SONG–“Islands” by Malani Bilyeu 
  9. SONG–“Cane Fire” by Peter Moon Band 

Full Episode


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