6/27/17 Show Notes, the nomination episode

Heya, lovers of It’s Lit! This week, I posted the following call on the It’s Lit Facebook and Instagram pages:

Post in the comment thread below your favorite poem / flash-fiction / flash-creative-nonfiction piece along with the name of a song that you think plays nicely with it. I’ll read the piece on air and play the song as part of promoting the concept of It’s Lit and hopefully stir up some more interest in listeners who might also want to be featured. Thanks for your help. Post as many lit-song pairings here as you like!! Guidelines:

–The lit can be one of yours, one of your favorite published author(s), or an unpublished piece from a friend of yours (just gotta make sure your friend gives permission)
–The lit has to be curse-word free
–If the song has cursing, I can play ’em after 10:30   

And we got such dynamic materials, including original lit from Craig Santos PerezDana Marie, and Lenisi Pasi, and nominated lit authored by Imaikalani Kalahele, Maya Angelou, Suheir Hammad, Nayyirah Waheed, Lucille Clifton, Rabrindranath Tagore, Philip Levine, TC Boyle, and W.B. Yeats, among others!

The musical choices that these authors and nominators chose to go with this lit were as diverse as the authors (and nominators), ranging from Kaʻau Crater Boys to Alicia Keyes to Tupac to Meshuggah!

Shout out to all the authors and nominators (Noe Goodyear-Kaopua, Maya Roy, Amita ManghnaniJennifer VehiaDevi S LaskarJoya RoyTino RamirezAbraham YiSean M., and Sam Ikehara) for playing with this format!

Here’s the full episode!


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