Ep. 28 7/18/17 Show Notes ft. Vehia Wheeler

Vehia’s shirt will be available at Art and Flea on July 14th! Check out the rest of her goods at www.manavahine.etsy.com



Vehia Wheeler is all about feminism and justice in Oceania. Coming from mixed-Maʻohi (Tahitian) ancestry and born and raised in Hawaiʻi, they identify strongly with the Pacific and the perpetuation of Oceanic cultures. At the same time, they actively support decolonizing our ocean against the oppressive forces that try to dominate us.
Vehia creates political zines and manavahine art, is a part of Osiania Rising at UH Mānoa, and is studying toward their MA in the Pacific Island Studies Department.

You can find Vehia’s other works at: http://www.manavahine.etsy.com and http://www.womenpacific.tumblr.com


  1. SONG: Tikahiri’s “Kareho Koe”
  2. LIT: Manavahine Issue #1: Chantal Spitz speech Papena – Faafaite

3. LIT: “How to prepare to go home” by Vehia

4. SONG: Lozen’s “Le Dragon”

5. LIT: “Haole Rot” by Jess Mease

6. SONG: Leaving the Disco – My Parade


6. LIT + SONG: Karlo Milo poem + Try the Pie’s “Root to Branch”



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