Ep. 29 7/25/17 Show Notes ft. Kuʻuleimomi Cummings

For this week’s show, Kuʻuleimomi Cummings read their magnificent (trust me) status updates from Facebook and curating some dope music by women and queer femmes of color. You’re not gonna wanna miss this!


Kuʻuleimomi Cummings is a Honolulu-based educator and economist from Wailua, Kauaʻi. Momi writes to understand their own experience as the youngest child of a brown dad and white mom, to document possibility models for fellow femmes of color, and to cultivate queer decolonial connections in an era of military occupation. They are a co-creator of the Honolulu queer femme of color collective, the Brown BFFs. You can connect with more of Momi’s work at www.momipedia.tumblr.com.

Women + Queer Femmes of Color Playlist

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 6.37.50 PM.png

Click HERE for the Full Episode


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