8/8/17 Show Notes ft. Richard Georges

This week’s show features the poetry of Richard Georges + a musical playlist he’s chosen to complement his work!


Richard Georges’ poems have appeared in Prelude, Smartish Pace, Barrelhouse, The Caribbean Writer, WILDNESS, Wasafiri and elsewhere. He is the author of Make Us All Islands (Shearsman Books) and the forthcoming GIANT (Platypus Press). He lives and works in the British Virgin Islands. You can find him on Twitter @itsallreal, Facebook @richardgeorgeswrites, and Instagram @richardgeorges.


Why Lit? Coming from a relatively unexplored part of the world with respect to both regional and international literature, I feel somewhat of an obligation to write from and into this space. That obligation can sometimes feel burdensome, but more often it is exhilarating as there is this well of material and inspiration there to be mined.

Advice to a younger writer / to your younger self: Trust yourself. I spent 6 years (after my MA and poetry publications) teaching without thinking about a career as a writer. I didn’t think of the path I am currently on as a real or possible until Smartish Pace published “Leslie”, an elegy for my grandfather that one of the editors encouraged me to submit. If that hadn’t happened, I may not have developed that trust and belief in myself that I had something worthwhile to put down on the page.


  1. “All I Need” – Radiohead
  2. LIT: “Oceans”
  3. “Garden” – Emelie Sande
  4. “St. Elsewhere” – Gnarls Barkley
  5. LIT: “Sea Bath”
  6. “Close Your Eyes” – TheBullitts



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