Ep. 42 11/1/17 Show Notes ft. Shandhini Raidoo

This week’s show features the poetry of Shandhini Raidoo and a musical playlist she’s curated to go with her work!


Shandhini Raidoo is an obstetrician-gynecologist and an abortion provider in Hawai’i.  She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, the University of Iowa’s Carver College of Medicine, and the University of Hawaiʻi.  She writes about her experiences as an immigrant, as a woman, and as a physician.  Her work has previously been published in This Land Quarterly and Bamboo Ridge Press.

You can connect with Shandhini on Facebook and Instagram, and check out the dope organization she works for, Safe Sex 808! They’re also on Instagram 🙂


  1. Song: Overcoats – Father 
  2. Poem: Nowhere Is Home/Mestizaje
  3. Poem: In Sanskrit, There Are Ninety-Six Words for Love
  4. Song: The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio 
  5. Song: Dar Williams – Crystal Creek 
  6. Poem: Ode to Lucky Susie Hen, A Children’s Book about Infertility
  7. Poem: Cold Jelly: A Narration
  8. Poem: On Deliveries of All Sorts
  9. Song: Francis and the Lights – It’s Alright To Cry 


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