Ep. 46 11/29/17 Show Notes ft. Sáshily Kling

This week’s show features the poetry of Sáshily Kling and a musical playlist she’s curated to go with her work!


Sáshily has a fascination with photography, storytelling, and art. She has traveled extensively and has found that art, in its many forms, is universal. She is a graduate from Norfolk State University with a Bachelor’s in Mass Communications and is currently enrolled at the University of Hawaii at Manoa  in pursuit of a Master’s in English. Sáshily has been published in NSU’s Literary Journal, The Norfolk Review, and won first prize in 2015. When she moved to Hawaii she was seen in print in Metro HNL and had many articles published in a community magazine. Recently, two of her poems, Dancing Barefoot on Dirt Paths and The Name I almost Had, were selected for the May 2017 Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review (Anthology). This is Sáshily’s first poetry chapbook. She explores her history, both through genealogy and identity, and realizes that we are all connected through our family histories and struggles. Through this process she understood that she had been writing this book all along and she is satisfied that she is able to share her stories with you. You can connect with Sáshily via her website here http://sashilykling.wixsite.com/aboutme and on social media @SashilyK


  1. Song – Julio Iglesias – Bamboleo
  2. POETRY: “Dancing Barefoot on Dirt Paths” & “In Our Boots”
  3. Song – Lamento Borincano – El Jibarito
  4. POETRY: “It’s Not Eavesdropping if You’re in the Room” & “Puertoriqueña sin Raizes”
  5. Song – Ricky Martin – Adios
  6. POETRY: “Ode to My Spark” & “Memory Made”
  7. Song – Trio Los Panchos – Cielito Lindo
  8. POETRY: “Do Not Forget Me” & “Borinquén”
  9. Song – Gilberto Santa Rosa – La Conciencia
  10. POETRY: “The Name I Almost Had” & “Making Nonsense Out of Cense”
  11. Song – Despacito – Daddy Yankee & Luis Fonsi



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