5/2/18 Show ft. Rain Wright

This week’s show features the creative writing of Rain Wright and the music she’s chosen to go with her work!


Rain Wright writes creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. Rain was raised on Hawai‘i Island in a redwood house in Hōnaunau between Filipino Clubhouse Road and Telephone Exchange Road in a multi-artistic family. Rain finds many of her stories by mapping her memories along Māmalahoa Highway to the markers that people use to give directions on Hawai‘i Island. Rain is currently a Ph.D. candidate at University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Rain has been published in Hawai’i ReviewMud Season ReviewConnotations Press: An Online ArtifactMadras MagazineSummit MagazineHawaiʻi Pacific Review, among others. The recipient of several creative writing, teaching, and academic awards, Rain believes healing comes in the form of sacred family spaces, lomilomi (the prayer work of hands), and storytelling. She has an obsession with the ocean. She feels it cures everything.


  1. LIT: First section of “Birth Water”
  2. Alabama Shakes “Sound and Color”
  3. LIT: Second section of “Birth Water”
  4. Cécile McLorin Salvant – I Didn’t Know What Time it Was 
  5. LIT: First section of “Flute Music”
  6. Stevie Wonder “Master Blaster”
  7. LIT: Second section of “Flute Music”
  8. TLC “Waterfalls” 
  9. Billie Holiday’s “I’m a Fool to Want You”



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