5/9/18 Musical Interlude Show + an Interview about Lady Pasifika


This week’s show offers the first break in It’s Lit history from formal literature features and, instead, is about the music. The show does begin with an interview with the editors of Lady Pasifika magazine, however, so there is some talk about the making of literature. 🙂

Check out this recording (first 90 minutes) for an informal conversation with Tolua Samifua and Vaialofi Marsom about founding this beautiful magazine to share the stories of Pacific Island women and girls who are inspiring and doing amazing things. The founders have said, “we want our women to be highlighted and celebrated for their journeys and for being themselves.”

The rest of the show is music!

The full playlist is available here: https://ktuh.org/playlists/5614



  1. Tangaroa Whakamautai by Maisey Rika 
  2. Unbreakabke Smile by Tori Kelly 
  3. Love Yourz (Clean) by J. Cole 

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