7/11/18 Show ft. Jeffery Ryan Long

This week, we are featuring the fiction of KTUH’s own Jeffery Long and the music he’s chosen to go with his work! You’re gonna wanna tune in!


Jeffery Ryan Long is a PhD student in the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Department of English. Jeff lives in Honolulu. Past and present work can be found at jefferyryanlong.com and jefferyryanlong.tumblr.com. In addition to being a student writer, Jeff is also the host of “FEEL” on KTUH FM Honolulu (ktuh.org), and cohosts “Rock Off the Rock,” a music program featuring all Hawaiʻi-based rock and roll bands, with DJ Look on centralpacifictime.com.


  1. “I Cover the Waterfront” – Billie Holiday (live version)
  2. LIT: “Original Sin”
  3. “I Shall Be Released” – Nina Simone
  4. LIT: “The Ala Wai at Night”
  5. “Like a Bridge over Troubled Water” – Roberta Flack



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