11/16/18 Show ft. Julia Katz

You might be wondering why we have a little break in aired programming atm, It’s Lit lovers, but I’m happy to tell you that our dear ones at Central Pacific Time radio (aloha, Lei and Roger!), are doing some prerecorded magic and, while there is a slight delay in when our latest materials will air, we now have a bit more time to build suspense and encourage you to listen on episode air dates via centralpacifictime.com. This dope episode featuring the amazing Julia Katz will air on Friday, November 16, from 6-8pm and rebroadcast Saturday, Nov.ember 17, from 10am-12pm. We’ll also be archiving the show on Mixcloud, so you can catch it in all the places that it’s hot (which is, um, everywhere!).


Julia Katz comes from coolie Korean settlers who worked sugarcane in Wahiawa and Russian Jewish refugees who peddled silk in Paterson. Neither sweet nor smooth, she writes poems about G-d and gay love. She received her doctorate in history from Rutgers University and has published work in Pacific Historical ReviewImagining Asia in the Americas, and LIES: A Journal of Materialist Feminism. Born in the Bay Area, she belongs above all to her two sisters.



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