12/5/18 Show ft. S. Shankar

For this December episode, S. Shankar reads from his fiction and plays music that he’s curated to go with his work!


Shankar is a novelist, literary and cultural critic, and translator. Shankar’s most recent book is his third novel Ghost in the Tamarind, published in September 2017, which is set against the background of the anti-caste movement in South India during the twentieth century. His most recent critical book is the award-winning Flesh and Fish Blood: Postcolonialism, Translation and the Vernacular (2012). Shankar is the editor of Caste and Life Narratives (2017) and the translator of Komal Swaminathan’s Tamil play Thaneer, Thaneer (Water!). His scholarly essays and cultural journalism have appeared in publications in the US, India, and Europe.

Shankar is a recipient of a Senior Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship for 2017-2018. He is also the recipient of the University of Hawai‘i’s both College of Languages, Linguistics and Literatures Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Research Awards, and has been honored with Scholar-in-Residence appointments at SOAS University (London, UK) and at the University of Houston (Downtown). He blogs at his website sshankar.net.


  1. Borders by MIA
  2. LIT: Reading from GHOST IN THE TAMARIND
  3. MIA’s Bird Flu
  4. LIT: Reading from GHOST IN THE TAMARIND
  5. Dum Maro Dum from the 1971 film hare Krishna Hare Ram
  6. Sudha Raghunathan traditional rendering of “Alaipayuthey Kanna”
  7. LIT: Reading of Alaipaayuthey (the Krishna devotional) from NO END TO THE JOURNEY
  8. A. R. Rahman modern rendering of “Alaipayuthey Kanna”
  9. AR Rahman’s “Chaiya, Chaiya”
  10. Bob Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man”
  11. The Byrd’s “Mr. Tambourine Man”
  12. Dhanush and Anirudh’s “Why This Kolavery Di”
  13. Harris Jayaraj’s “June Poonaal”



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