Ep. 85 12/20/18 Recap Show + Throwback Features from 2018

This episode was recorded live on KTUH on December 20 from 6-9pm HST. This show offers teasers from four recent features with Ashley Nakanishi, Chaun Ballard, S. Shankar, and Anelise Chen, and includes some stellar nominated throwbacks from earlier this year, including work from Brandon Igarta, Keali‘i McKenzie, and Momi Cummings since we wanna wrap up 2018 right. Enjoy!


  1. Ashley Nakanishi, “Wolves” (from her 11/21/18 feature) + The Heavy’s “Big Bad Wolf”
  2. Chaun Ballard, “Q&A” and “Pantoum” (from his 11/29/18 feature) + The Temptations’s “I Wish It Would Rain”
  3. S. Shankar, reading from Ghost in the Tamarind (from his 12/5/18 feature) + M.I.A.’s “Bird Flu”
  4. Anelise Chen, reading from “Paradox Formation” (from her 12/12/18 feature) + Ernest Reijseger’s “Forgotten Dreams #2”
  5. Brandon Igarta, “The Hands that Built this Coffin” (from their 1/17/18 feature) + Beirtu’s “Rip Tide” nominated by Joce!
  6. D. Keali‘i MacKenzie, “Salvaged” (first-time recording! but Keali‘i was featured on 4/25/18) + Beyonce’s “Haunted” nominated by Pahole!
  7. Momi Cummings, “Battle” (from their 6/6/18 feature) + Sam Cooke’s “Bring It on Home to Me” nominated by Mistee!


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