Ep. 88 2/7/19 Musical Interlude Show

PhDJ and Joce subbed for DJ Mermaid on Thursday, February 7, and aired a handful of deep dives from our show’s 2017 archives, including work by Nicky Loomis and Julia Katz!


  1. Nicky Loomis (formal feature: 1/15/17): This story is about a storytelling session between a first generation Hungarian American daughter and her Hungarian grandmother. It’s about memory and its porousness, the importance of a cut of a dress, and the call to remember. As Nicky says, “My sister and I called our grandma ‘Anyu’ growing up, even though it means “mom” in Hungarian. I wrote this out of a longing to understand what is lost between generations. Why those who try to remember are usually the offspring of those who try to forget.”
  2. SONG: Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 5 / Abbado · Berliner Philharmoniker
  3. Julia Katz (this formal feature: 4/11/17): “Song of the Sea”
  4. SONG “Vereda Tropical” by Tona la Negra



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