Ep. 93 5/26/19 Julia Katz

This show features fan-favorite Julia Katz (previously featured in episodes 16 and 79 and contributing feature to our Steamy and our Call for Curses, Call for Blessings 2019 episodes), who reads her latest poetry with us and curates music to go with her work!


Julia Katz is a West Coast-born East Coast-seasoned sometimes poet. She lives and lurks in Kaneohe where she runs a shelter for wayward lesbians and their pets.


  1. Bobby Vee’s “More than I Can Say”
  2. LIT: “Everything”
  3. The Killers’ “Bones”
  4. LIT: “Red Sea”
  5. Regina Spektor’s “Summer in the City”
  6. LIT: “Crane”
  7. The Kim Sisters’ “Korean Spring Song
  8. LIT: “Endospore”
  9. Karen O’s “Hideaway”
  10. LIT: “On My Way”
  11. Camera Obscura’s “Lunar Sea”
  12. LIT: “Ocean”
  13. The Moody Blues’ “Go Now!”
  14. LIT: “House of the Daylight Moon”
  15. M People’s “One Night in Heaven”
  16. LIT: “Speak Blue”
  17. Eurythmics’ “There Must Be an Angel”


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