Ep. 95 6/29/19 Rebecca Clarren

On June 29 from 3-6pm, we covered the alumni show on KTUH FM and featured the fiction and musical selections of Rebecca Clarren!


Rebecca Clarren has been writing about the rural West for twenty years, mostly for national magazines such as The Nation and High Country News. Her journalism has won multiple awards, including a Hillman Prize, and has frequently been supported by the Fund for Investigative Journalism. Her debut novel, Kickdown published by Sky Horse Press in fall 2018, was shortlisted for the PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction. The Washington Post called it an “impressive debut”; Medium called it “important reading.” She lives in Portland, OR, with her husband and two young sons. A former small-town radio DJ, Clarren is thrilled to be featured on It’s Lit.

IG: @rclarren
Twitter: @rebeccaclarren
FB: Becca Clarren


  1. Gillian Welch’s “Hard Times
  2. Intro to feature
  3. First excerpt from Kickdown
  4. Frazey Ford’s “Done”
  5. Second excerpt from Kickdown
  6. Western Centuries’s “Weight of the World”
  7. Third excerpt from Kickdown
  8. Birds of Chicago’s “Real Midnight”
  9. Author interview
  10. The Decemberists’ “Rise to Me”

Becca said she had so much fun testing out music for this playlist that she ended up making an entire Spotify playlist to accompany her book! She also shared, “Many of my song selections were created by people who are from or who have spent a lot of time in the American West. But even those that are not, included a vibe that to me felt evocative of big sky and big space.”





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