Ep. 106 11/1/19 Julia Katz

This episode features the poetry of fan (and co-host 😉 ) favorite Julia Katz and the music she’s chosen to go with her work. Listen to this show for a coven of writers who love each other a whole lot, the miracle of slug sex and immortal jellyfish, infinite gratitude for a grandmother who claims us full-blooded, a meditation on unbearable truths, and the reason we need our stories along with, perhaps, our identity as creepy people. But, beware that Deborah Brownstein . . . (you’ve been warned). Julia is that magic, fam–enjoy!


Julia Katz is a West Coast-born, East Coast-seasoned sometimes poet. Overeducated and underemployed, she is studying nursing at the University of Hawaii. Check out her previous features on our episodes 16 from April 11, 2017, 79 from November 16, 2018, and 93 from May 26, 2019!


  1. Najat Al Saghira
  2. LIT: “Pearl”
  3. The Manhattans – “Shining Star”
  4. LIT: “20/20”
  5. Old 97’s – “Color of a Lonely Heart Is Blue”
  6. LIT: “Slugs”
  7. Macy Gray – “Sweet Baby” (ft. Erykah Badu)
  8. LIT: “Immortals”
  9. Blondie – “Pretty Baby”
  10. LIT: “Deities”
  11. David Bowie – “Wild Is the Wind”
  12. David Bowie – “Moonage Daydream”


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