Ep. 110 Hannah Mats

Listen to this episode for lit and conversation on longing for home in Honolulu and intimacy, what our mouths can do (and when to weaponize them), some beautiful gay ass love poems (to use our feature’s words), the importance of nurturing young voices and of writing shitty poems (and other stuff you can’t monetize), a question for you teachers out there of what kind of teacher you want to be and how It’s Lit’s signature questions might serve your pedagogy, and a whole lot more from the magical Hannah Mats, who is not on social media but is committed deeply to social justice in her work as a civil rights lawyer and in her beautiful writing. Enjoy, loveys!


Hannah Mats is three children in a trench coat still trying to be a civil rights lawyer. Catch her daydreaming her way across the Bay Bridge and scheming her way onto the next season of MTV’s Are You the One?. She’ll be home soon, she promises.


  1. Cyber Sex by Doja Cat
  2. LIT: For Honolulu
  3. Desperado by Rihanna
  4. LIT: What That Mouth Do
  5. Hotline Bling by Drake
  6. LIT: Hotline Bling
  7. Florence + the Machine cover of Take Care
  8. LIT: gay ass love poems
  9. Arrest Me (Noah Breakfast Remix) by Shy Girls + Tei Shi
  10. 20Something by SZA


Recorded 12/6/19; release date 1/21/20

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