Ep. 112 Thad Higa

We had so much fun recording this episode on Thursday, Feb. 13, at BoxJelly featuring the literature of Thad Higa and the music he chose to go with his work.

Here are some word butterflies still slow-blinking their wings in this episode’s audio file:

–internet speak and the danger of get-stuff-out-there
–tl;dr and stfu (our dissenting voices, our balms against arrogance)
–blessing others with our peacock wings
–how we are stuck in voices without legs, without bodies
–how great ideas are worth dying for, and will outlive us all
–the infinite monkey theorem
–Reddit addictions
–a sixteen-minute auditory experience that reinterprets a visual poem from Thad’s installation at Box Jelly, written about friendship in a drunken state at 3 o’clock in the morning (scroll down to read the transcript from this typewriter performance).


Thad Higa is a Honolulu-based writer, text, and book artist. His art began in elementary school word-processing class and ended with the invention of the typewriter. His work is concerned with the exploration of identity through language, the effects of words on the body, and the potentials of words in physical space. Find out more about him at www.ThadHiga.com and on Instagram @QRWHZGUB.


  1. Earth by Joe Henderson and Alice Coltrane
  2. LIT: “Addressing the Creative Netizen”
  3. Tsugaru Jongarabushi (Shinbushi) by Takeshi Terauchi and the Blue Jeans
  4. LIT: “Live Dream Fuck”
  5. Step Right Up by Tom Waits
  6. LIT: “I Await Your Return” (see Thad’s transcript of this piece below)
  7. Harmonia — Cass Mccombs
  8. Let’s Straighten It Out by O.V. Wright



Show recorded 2/13/20, full episode release date 2/18!


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