Ep. 115 Moctezuma Vailahi

This episode features the poetry of Moctezuma Vailahi and the music they’ve chosen to go with their work!


Moctezuma Vailahi is a genderqueer-Mexican-Tongan creative writer, poet, and artist from South Chicago. As a graduate of Emerson College, they seek to spread stories into the world that have not yet been told. By combining their heritage, roots, and everyday experiences, they have formed a collection of poetry aiming to right the wrongs that the hegemony has brought upon their bloodline. Moctezuma seeks to take up and create space for others in a world that seems determined to push them out. Fueled by a passion for storytelling, they are here to be heard.

IG: @moctezumavailahi


  1. Self Control – Frank Ocean
  2. LIT: Hood Tales Part 4: Crazy Kiki
  3. Me And You – Brenton Wood
  4. LIT: Tattoo Tear Drops for Hood Kids Who Can’t Cry
  5. Hydrocodone – Cuco
  6. LIT: White Girl
  7. Sabor A Mi – Lila Downs
  8. LIT: Part 1: I Wish They Ain’t Never Found Out
  9. Soledad y el Mar (feat. Los Macorinos) – Natalia Lafourcade, Los Macorinos
  10. LIT: Creed Part 1 South Chicago: The Bitch is Back
  11. Crazy, Classic, Life – Janelle Monáe
  12. Closing track, picked by Joce and PhDJ: Re-Creation – IZIK


release date 5/22/20

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