Ep. 117 Dane Hiʻipoi Nakama

This episode features lit by Dane Hiʻipoi Nakama and the music he’s chosen to go with his work!


Dane Hiʻipoi Nakama is a Japanese Okinawan American artist/poet born and raised in Pearl City, Hawaiʻi. After graduating from ʻIolani School he briefly studied at Chapman University, but is now pursuing a BFA in Fine Arts at the California Institute of the Arts. He has shown work in both group and solo shows in Hawaiʻi, Florida, California, and Tokyo.

His work deals with a variety of influences including: psychoanalysis, eastern art history, and pop culture. More recently he has set his eyes on creating work that addresses identities found within spectrums and the philosophy of uncertainty or ambiguity that comes with it.

You can find him on social media @dane_nakama or @bydanenakama.


  1. “Aibiki” Orisaka Yuta
  2. LIT: Sugarcane tears 
  3. “Hole hole bushi” Yumi Ishikawa, Pono Lani
  4. LIT: Dunno
  5. “Dekirukoto” Kimie Fukuhara
  6. LIT: To share a place parts 1 + 2
  7. “Dreaming of you” Yu Sakai
  8. Signature Q1: Why Lit?
  9. “Memories of the rain” Kimie Fukuhara
  10. Signature Q2: Time Travel
  11. “Asadoya yunta” Mika Uchizato
  12. Signature Q3: Literary Legacy
  13. “Week End” Gen Hoshino








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