Ep. 123 Julia Katz

This episode features the poetry and musical choices of fan favorite Julia Katz! We hope you enjoy her beautiful, spellbinding words and that you consider donating to support Beirut, as Julia calls us to do in her introduction to the show, in particular the Lebanese Red Cross, Lebanese Food Bank, and Beit el Baraka.


julia lilly katz aka yamammasan aka deborah downstein is a korean-jewish hustler with a heart of gold. a historian-nurse, ninja-poet, and aspiring rabbi-assassin, she insists on her duality as any gemini art ho would. her favorite place is kaneohe, where she raises 5 kids with the frenetic semitic beiruti beauty of her dreams, abir. IG @yamammasan


  1. Intro Song: Irma Thomas “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is”
  2. LIT: “Hoichi the Earless”
  3. The Ikettes “I’m Blue (The Gong Gong Song)”
  4. LIT: “Organs”
  5. Frankie Avalon “Venus”
  6. LIT: “Halawa Heights”
  7. The Drifters “Up on the Roof”
  8. LIT: “Plate Lunch for Dinner”
  9. Clarence Carter “Slip Away”
  10. LIT: “First Concert for Extraterrestrials”
  11. The Barry Sisters “Ain Kik Auf Dir (One Look at You)”
  12. LIT: “Arcana”
  13. David Bowie “Sorrow” 2015 Remaster
  14. LIT: “First Berakah”
  15. The Velvet Underground “I Found a Reason” 2015 Remaster
  16. LIT: “My Poems Before and After . . . SSRI”
  17. The Pogues “Sayonara”
  18. Outro Song, dedicated to Julia by Joce and PhDJ: Janet Jackson “Let’s Wait Awhile”


recorded 8/11/20, release 8/12/20

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