Ep. 125 Noʻu Revilla

Noʻu Revilla has shepherded our little podcast through every major transition. She was our very first feature back in November 2016, and she rang in episodes 25, 44, 77, and episode 100, not to mention the themed episodes she has been so generous to contribute poetry and musical choices for. She was with us when we changed days and airtimes at our home base of @ktuh_fm (have you donated to radiothon yet??), and she ushered us into our transition into podcasting on our own. Today, she blessed us by being our first live recording via Zencastr, even as we continue to socially distance.

As I mention on this show, I had half a mind just to let Noʻu’s poetry and music PLAY—it is SO GOOD! And, yet, it was such a joy to talk story together this morning too. Yes, we had some technical difficulties, but what else can you do when there’s flooding?

Listen to this episode for medicine, gossip, thirst trap, family medicine, moʻo wonder, and then some. Listen for origin stories and redemption. Listen for Noʻu’s paternal grandmother, her source, for how tears are Noʻu’s favorite body of water, for fish scales in Heinekin bottles, for Trask’s call to be undarkened, for rehearsing abolition and redemption, for poetry as a house of transformation and buttered transitions and celebration of the body as it is, was, and will be, and the call to find our people so we can inhabit the full latitude of ourselves.

Burn “Ask the Brindled” into your minds, beloveds. Trust us.

As Joce said when I told her that this episode was like Beyoncé’s “Lemonade,” “This is better than ‘Lemonade’! This is ʻawa shit!”

#ClapForIt Clap for it, and be here for it. Noʻu Revilla.


Noʻu Revilla is a queer ʻŌiwi poet, educator & aloha ʻāina. During lockdown, she’s been listening to live readings of Neruda’s Cien Sonetos while grappling with her own heroic crown of sonnets and learning from her students how poetry should make a difference in a time of COVID.

She is the author of Permission to Make Digging Sounds and Say Throne. She is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and the moʻo poet of our dreams.


  1. LIT: prelude
  2. song: etta james, “i just want to make love to you”
    • talk story
  3. LIT: “catalogue of gossip, warnings & other talk of moʻo”
  4. song: rosemary clooney, “sway”
    • talk story
  5. LIT: “thirst traps”
  6. song: dalida, “vai tu sei libero”
  7. grandma lāʻie: “write down stories”
    • talk story
  8. LIT: “how to swallow a colonizer”
  9. song: Janelle Monáe, “Turntables”
    • talk story
  10. LIT: “lessons in quarantine”
  11. song: sade adu, “by your side” (cottonbelly’s fola mix edit)
    • talk story
  12. LIT: “woman seeking magnet”
  13. song: Yendry, “Barrio”
  14. song: Steel Pulse, “Your House”
    • talk story
  15. LIT: “shapeshifters banned, censored, or otherwise shitlisted aka chosen family poem”
  16. grandma lāʻie, “young at heart”
  17. song: Des’ree, “You Gotta Be”

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