Ep. 127 Luanna Peterson

This episode features the poetry and musical choices of Luanna Peterson!


Luanna Peterson grew up in Waipahu, at a time where positive reflections of herself, her family, and the community she belonged to were hard to come by.  This void inspired her to seek out and support social, educational, and economic models that are transformative for both the individual and the unique place to which he or she resides. Luanna holds a dual BA degree in International Studies and Communications. She also holds a MA in Humanities and Leadership with an emphasis in Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Community and a focus on Ecological  Agriculture.  Her studies focused on a regional and international analysis of systemic problems and viable solutions grounded in social justice and self-determination. She loves to engage her community in deeper learning, better preparing them not only for  success, but for the most important parts of life: being an empowered individual. Her hero is her Great-Grandmother, Frances Berry-Coston, who was a fierce and unrelenting advocate for diverse representation in all sectors of society. In her fourth decade of life, Luanna would like to focus more on her writing practice. She is working to make more space for her creative expression, though she struggles with finding that space and time as a single mother navigating a pandemic, kids at home, and a weary heart unsure of what tomorrow will bring. But, eh–  the fire in her bones isnʻt going anywhere! The only way to do it, is to do it!

You can find her on IG @nourishdesoul and @weaving_our_stories and on FB as Luanna Peterson.


  1. INTRO to It’s Lit
  2. Fire in My Bones: Boyd Rivers and Ruth May Rivers
  3. LIT: “Malaika” (excerpt)
  4. Malaika: Miriam Makeba and Harry Belafonte
  5. LIT: “My Eternal Threshing Floor”
  6. My Power: Beyonce
  7. Against the Grain: Tobe Nwigwe


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