Ep. 128 Emalani Case

This episode feature someone who is no stranger to It’s Lit but nevertheless somehow has only had a full feature with us now! We are so excited to welcome Emalani Case back to our mics for her poetry and musical choices.


Emalani Case is a lecturer in Pacific Studies at Victoria University of Wellington in Aotearoa. As a Kanaka Maoli woman, activist, and writer she is deeply engaged in issues of Indigenous rights and representation, settler colonialism and decolonization, and environmental and social justice. Her work is informed by Indigenous intellectuals, activists, artists and storytellers and is motivated by a desire to strengthen trans-Indigenous solidarities across the Pacific to work toward building better futures. She is from Waimea, Hawaiʻi. You can find her @emacase on IG and Twitter.


  1. LIT: “On Being Indigenous in a Global Pandemic”
  2. First Nations” by Troy Kingi
  3. LIT: “Matters”
  4. Ponga Rā” by Rob Ruha
  5. LIT: “Everything Ancient Was Once New”
  6. Kapu Ka Hā” by Hāwane Rios
  7. Author interview
  8. For the Lāhui” by Josh Tatofi


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