Ep. 131 Knowa-Know + Ahmad Selim Aboagye Xallen + Deysha Childs

This episode features the lit and musical choices of Knowa-Know AKA Noah Humphrey, Ahmad Selim Aboagye Xallen, Deysha Childs, three participants in Luanna Peterson and Pūlama Long’s Weaving Our Stories youth writing workshop.


My name is Noah Humphrey but I go by the stage name Knowa-Know. My pronouns are he-series. I am in a Masters of Divinity Program at Yale but I’m studying remotely until the spring of next year. I recently graduated from Whittier College with a BA in Religious Studies and a minor in Holistic Care. Currently, I’m based in Oahu, Hawaii, but I use poetry as my second voice and I try to infuse my experiences in South Central; my African-American heritage; Neo spirituality, nature; and holistic elements into them. I let my soul speak through poetry and I believe that with peace, passion, patience, support, and God, anything is possible through this path we call life.

You can find Knowa-Know on IG @knowaknow, the blog platform Mirakee @knowaknow, and via Linktree at https://linktr.ee/knowaknow.

Hi, my name is Ahmad Selim Aboagye Xallen. I use he/him pronouns. I love plants, cooking, and dancing. I’m learning medicine, how to use a bow and arrow, and how to better love the parts of myself that I’m embarrassed about. My Instagram is @AxAboagye.

My name is Deysha Childs. I am an aspiring renaissance woman. I would love to categorize myself as an astrophysicist, but I love so much more than that. Although, that is my preferred field of study. For now, I model and work as a waitress. I hope you enjoy my poetry. I will be releasing a short poetry novel titled “Take a Dip” in February 2021. 

You can find Deysha on IG @solardey


  1. Introduction by Luanna Peterson & Pūlama Long
  2. Knowa-Know‘s introduction
  3. LIT: Knowa-Know‘s “Come Sunday”
  4. Church” by Samm Henshaw featuring Earthgang
  5. LIT: Knowa-Know‘s “Renditions”
  6. Look OVER Your Shoulder” by Kendrick Lamar
  7. LIT: Ahmad Selim Aboagye Xallen’s “Irrigated by Crocodile Tears” + “A Single Braid of Rice”
  8. Goree” by Nuru Kane
  9. LIT: Deysha Childs‘s “Spaceship” + “Comet”
  10. Enter Galactic” by Kid Cudi
  11. Deysha Child on her musical choices + her original track
  12. Zone” by Deyshadarkest


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