Ep. 137 Ori C. Li

This episode features the poetry and musical choices of Ori C. Li, former student of PhDJ! Check it out!


Ori C. Li is a Chinese-American, born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai’i. She is an undergraduate at college in MA. Some of her interests are writing, drawing, and aimlessly wandering around town. You can find her at @lycheecandy_ori on IG.


  1. 自由行走的花 Zìyóu xíngzǒu de huā  (萨顶顶/周深) (Sà dǐngdǐng/zhōu shēn) 
  2. LIT: We saw each other at longs one day
  3. The rose (Ola Gjeilo)
  4. LIT: To Nurture
  5. Days of beauty (Ola Gjeilo) 
  6. LIT: In Memory of (part 1) (excerpt 1)
  7. LIT: In Memory of (part 2) (excerpt 1)
  8. Castle in the sky: stones glowing in the darkness (Joe Hisaishi)
  9. LIT: In Memory of (excerpt 2)
  10. Mendelssohn piano trio no. 1 2nd mov (Beaux Arts Trio)
  11. LIT: riding wild introduction
  12. LIT: riding wild
  13. I talk to the rain (Yuki Kajiura)
  14. Historia (Yuki Kajiura)


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