Ep. 144 Spooky!

This episode will be released on Halloween 🙂


Tis the season to be spooky, beloveds. Send us your dark spells, your warnings, your incantations, your ghost stories, your love poems hooked to the other side—send us what you’re working on, your magic for the future, your curl to turn this page to the next realm, your claw to break through this side of the membrane to the larger field of being that connects us. (For the record, PhDJ is a scaredy cat, but she is okay with you sending over scary stuff too. Just send us your heart and your guts too!)

And, of course, send us a song that goes with your work.

Poems, flash creative nonfiction, and flash fiction are all welcome. Send us a recording of your piece + a link to a song you want played, and short bio that tells people about you, your interests, and includes info for how folks can connect to more of your work, including your pronouns, and we will be so happy.


Julia Katz (ep. 16, April 2017; ep 79, November 2018; ep. 93, May 2019; ep. 106, November 2019; ep. 114, May 2020, “Love in the Time of COVID-19”; ep. 123, August 2020) is no stranger to It’s Lit. As her previous bios on our show have stated, “julia lilly katz aka yamammasan aka deborah downstein is a korean-jewish hustler with a heart of gold. a historian-nurse, ninja-poet, and aspiring rabbi-assassin, she insists on her duality as any gemini art ho would.” You can find her on IG at@yamammasan

Cory Lovejoy (ep. 36, September 2017; ep. 54, February 2018, “Steamy”; ep. 86, December 2018, “Call for Blessings, Call for Curses”) is a searcher, dreamer, and poet living on the island of Lānaʻi. She is currently studying the art of storytelling via The School of Life, channeling a novel, and launched her very own poetry podcast in July of this year called: Contemporary Hawaiian Poetess, in which she is journeying thru the Major Arcana of the Tarot by pairing each card with her original poetry and selecting music that matches the vibes. You can learn more about her via IG @contemporaryhawaiianpoetess or @orchid_speed.  Most of her poetry can be found by using the #LanaiStrangePoetsSociety hashtag.

Lee Kava (ep. 33, August 2017, with Will Giles; ep. 62, April 2018; ep. 98, July 2019; ep. 102, August 2019, “Lit for the Mauna”) is the sharky goddess songstress of our dreams. She is an Assistant Professor of Critical Pacific Islands & Oceania Studies, housed within the department of Race and Resistance studies at San Francisco State University. Dr. Kava has said that the goal of her research, teaching, and creative work is to “support Pacific Islanders defining and shaping our literatures to do the work we want for our communities.”

Zoë Malia Ozoa Loos (ep. 113, March 2020) is a graduate of Saint Mary’s College of California’s MFA program in Creative Nonfiction Writing. She is from Honolulu, Hawaiʻi, and her writing centers around growing up in Hawaiʻi as a mixed-race, bisexual woman. Her writing constantly explores how she connects to not only herself and others but also the environment as well. She is heavily influenced by her undergraduate degrees in Environmental Studies and Ethnic Studies from Saint Mary’s College of California. Her hope is to use writing and the written word as a form of self-expression and a way of connecting people to each other and the environment. The universe is beautifully intertwined and we are all a part of that.

M.G. Martin (ep. 102, August 2019, “Lit for the Mauna”; ep. 116, May 2020, “Love in the Time of COVID”) was raised on Hawai’i island. His work has appeared in ZYZZYVA, Bamboo Ridge, PANK, and Juked. His work hasn’t appeared in The New Yorker or Poetry Magazine. His most recent collection is called U U O U. M.G. lives on Maui where he teaches high school English.  He spends his free time writing too few poems while cooking/baking, cruising with his pooch, and playing bossa nova guitar. M.G. has taught poetry workshops for the Red Cross and the HI: Council for the Humanities. You can find him online at mgmartin.ink or by waving malasadas in his general direction.

Tim Dyke (ep. 89, February 2019; ep. 119, June 2020, “Write Now/Writing for Radical Futures: In Support of Black Lives”; ep. 130, December 2020, “Conjure”) is a writer and teacher who lives in Makiki.

Anjoli Roy is a cat who may or may not cohost this podcast with the amazing Joce. The story she is sharing today, titled “Gray Woman,” is part of her unpublished manuscript, “Where the Water Is,” which is about growing up ambiguously brown in Southern California and missing ancestors whose names she didn’t know until adulthood but who may have been haunting her all along. You can connect with her at www.anjoliroy.com.

Hari Alluri (ep. 17, April 2017; ep. 52, January 2018, “There Is No Missile”) is the author of The Flayed City (Kaya), which will return soon in its 2nd printing. A recipient of the Leonard A. Slade, Jr. Fellowship for Poets of Color, his work appears recently in Asian American Literary Review, Kweli, Marías at Sampaguitas, Sepia, Split This Rock, and elsewhere. Hari is currently Writer-in-Residence for The Capilano Review, on the unceded and Ancestral Lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples, and on Qayqayt First Nations land. #WundrkutForever 

IZIK (ep. 90, March 2019). Not many musical artists get their start by finding inspiration in the sounds of a vacuum cleaner. But that’s exactly how Alt-Pop artist Izik got started. At four years old, his mother discovered him sitting on the staircase humming to himself while matching the pitch of the vacuum as she cleaned their family home. Izik, who credits his musical influences to artists like Mariah Carey, The Carpenters, Amy Winehouse, Loyal Garner, Beyoncé and Frank Ocean, has developed a unique sound never before heard in Hawai‘i. When asked how he would describe his sound, Izik says, “I’m what would happen if Sam Smith, Teresa Bright, Solange & Maggie Rogers re-recorded ‘Lady Marmalade’.” He has spent years honing his craft and begin performing in local venues across Hawai‘i in early 2013. Since then, Izik has become an award-winning performer with multiple local, national and international tours under his belt. The Utah-born, Hawai‘i-raised singer/songwriter released his second album &bougainvillea (Zeo Music) in October 2019; a follow up to his debut release, Obsidian.


  1. LIT: Julia Katz’s “Charon”
  2. “Way over There” by the Miracles
  3. LIT: Julia Katz’s “Poem for Uncle Wes/Young Men Love Yourselves”
  4. “Call on Me” by Big Brother and the Holding Company
  5. LIT: Cory Lovejoy’s “Past Life Witches Club”
  6. “Female of the Species” by Paris France Transit
  7. LIT: Lee Kava’s “Turn Signal”
  8. “Lanu Totototo” raw demo song by Lee Kava (means aquarium)
  9. LIT: Zoë Malia Ozoa Loos’s “Thaw(ing)”
  10. “Snow On High Ground” by Nightnoise
  11. LIT: M.G. Martin’s “l.a.p. ghost”
  12. “Saturday Night” by Devendra Banhart
  13. LIT: Tim Dyke
  14. “Other Song” by Caroline Shaw
  15. LIT: Anjoli Roy’s “Gray Woman”
  16. “Maayaa” by Juls, Tiggs da Author, and Santi
  17. LIT: Hari Alluri’s “Dragon Shoots Its Whispers” (imagining the voice of lightning in the place where the element-bending Avatar universe meets this one, Hari Alluri & Ruby Singh transformed a week-long Artist in Residency at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts into a haunting yet beautiful poetic, musical & visual experience)
  18. “Inkwater” by DJ Wundrkut
  19. “Blow My Cover” by IZIK
  20. “The In-Between” by IZIK


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