Ep. 145 Water Is Life / Shut Down Red Hill, installment 1

In response to the poisoning of an Oʻahu aquifer, we opened this themed call for materials on Water Is Life / Shut Down Red Hill. This is our first episode in response to this call, which remains open for more submissions. We hope you will join Teatuahere, Noah Humphrey/Knowa Know, and Hari Alluri in lending your voice to raise awareness about this vital issue.


“The existence of the Red Hill fuel tanks is an infliction of gross negligence on ‘āina, wai, and our lives. Clean water is genuine security and a human right. Our water and our people are getting poisoned, and the only acceptable solution is to shut down Red Hill immediately and entirely. We are the only ones who can keep us safe. Ola I ka Wai.”

Oʻahu Water Protectors

Lend your voice to protect water. Record the letter you are mailing to the Secretary of Defense demanding that the Navy comply with the emergency order to shut down Red Hill. Are you a flash writer? Record the tweets you’re posting. Send us your lit about your experience at recent sign-wavings and at the December 9th die-in at the Capitol. Send us your lit about your outrage at the Navy’s negligence. Send us your love letters to water. Send us your pledge to protect what you love. Send us your prophecies for what is to come.

The deadline for this themed call for materials is rolling. #ShutDownRedHill #WaterIsLife #OlaIKaWai

Follow the Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi for live updates on actions to support Oʻahu’s drinking water (https://sierraclubhawaii.org/redhill).

How to send in your work:

Email itslitwithphdj@gmail.com a recording of your piece + a link to a song you want played after your recording, and short bio that tells people about you, including your pronouns.

Tips for recording:

Most folks record themselves on their smart phones (small-kind background noises—like chickens, birds, young folks running around—are just fine, but maybe try to avoid big noises—like doors slamming, dump trucks getting wheelies off potholes, etc). Please begin your recording by saying “This is [your name] and this is my [poem/short story/CNF piece] titled [title].” MP3s and MP4s welcome (and likely any other audio file you got is just fine). Email us if you’re not sure how to do this and we will help out!


Teatuahere is a mahiʻai and poet. Much of her work is inspired by her ongoing time at Hoa ‘Āina o Mākaha. 

Noah Humphrey/Knowa Know (previous feature: Ep. 131) is a 2nd-year master’s student at Yale Divinity School and a 2020 graduate of Whittier College with a Bachelors in Religious Studies and a minor in Holistic Care. Coming from his hometown of South Central Los Angeles, he also took time to finalize his first poetry book Morgan Boy: Memoir of South Central, which is out now on Amazon and Lulu. He is now located in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi, on the island of Oʻahu, where he has added more components to his research and expression as a healer through understanding the Hawaiian martial art of Lua, land back/loving the land, Hawaiian sovereignty movements, mana, and other indigenous methods of healing and activism. His major academic interests are religious expression and holistic care research, theology, and spiritual care. You can find him on IG and Mirakee @knowaknow. His Linktree is linktr.ee/knowaknow.

Hari Alluri (ep. 17, April 2017; ep. 52, January 2018, “There Is No Missile”; ep. 144, October 2021, “Spooky”) is the author of The Flayed City (Kaya, 2017), Carving Ashes (CiCAC, 2013) and the chapbook The Promise of Rust (Mouthfeel, 2016). An award-winning poet, educator, and teaching artist, he has published work widely in anthologies, journals and online venues, including Chautauqua, Poetry International and Split This Rock. He is a founding editor at Locked Horn Press, where he has coedited multiple works, including Read Water: An Anthology, which honors and is its own gathering of water. Hari immigrated to Vancouver, Coast Salish territories at age twelve, and writes there again.


  1. LIT: Teatuahere’s “The ʻĀina Remembers Those Who Care for Her”
  2. “Hōʻā” by The Vitals 808
  3. LIT: Noah Humphrey/Knowa Know’s “Dismantle the Hill”
  4. “Hoʻomau ke Ola” by Punahele
  5. LIT: Hari Alluri’s “Seeking Union + Returning: Ang Tubig Ay Buhay”
  6. “88 & beyond” by Kimmortal


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