Ep. 150 Noʻu Revilla

Photo Credit: Bryan Kamaoli Kuwada

150 episodes!?! To celebrate this milestone, we give enormous thanks for the powerhouse poet, love of our lives, and moʻo of our dreams, Noʻu Revilla, for blessing our mics once again.

In case you are brand new (to this podcast or in general 😉 ), let us put you on to Noʻuʻs formidable backlist of episodes with us: Noʻu was our very first feature back in November 2016, and she rang in episodes 25, 40, 77, 100, and 125 as our first live recording on Zencastr.

And in case having Noʻu back and hitting 1-5-0 arenʻt enough reasons to celebrate, we are also thrilled to share that this episode is being released the weekend of Noʻuʻs birthday. ❤

We hope you’ll listen closely.

Listen for beginning with the land, from seed to summit. Listen for consent–from land, from people, from literature. Listen for how to enter, and listen for Do you even have a right to enter in the first place? Listen for what happens when we fall in love with things meant to destroy us. Listen and remember you might get hurt. Risk hurt. Risk transformation. Listen because low-custody works tell the reader what they need/want from a poem. Listen to care for flowers, to care for descendants. Listen for joy. Listen to stop hiding. Listen to fall in love (again, and again).


Noʻu Revilla is a writer. Part moʻo, part love poem, she wants to write as honest as she can. Her father is a fisherman, her mother is a memory maker, and her sister is a fighter. Noʻu won the 2021 National Poetry Series with her debut book of poetry Ask the Brindled, which will be released on August 9 from Milkweed. Learn more about Noʻu at nourevilla.com, where you can preorder her book with free shipping.


  1. “Maunakea” (POEM)
  2. Haunani-Kay Trask, “We are not american” (AUDIO)
  3. Hāwane Rios, “Together We Rise” (SONG)
  4. “Iwi hilo” (POEM)
  5. Ray Blk, “Run Run” (SONG)
  6. Eartha Kitt, on compromise (AUDIO)
  7. Dalida, “Vai Tu Sei Libero” (SONG)
  8. “Yellow-tipped & mean” (POEM)
  9. Nao, “Bad Blood” (SONG)
  10. “The opposite of dispossession is not possession; it is connection” (POEM)
  11. Mākaha Sons of Niʻihau, “My Yellow Ginger Lei” (SONG)
  12. “So sacred, so queer” (POEM)
  13. Whitney Houston, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” (SONG)


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