“It’s Lit” was born on Sunday, November 27, 2016, and airs now from 6 to 9 p.m. HST on Wednesdays on KTUH.org, 90.1FM Honolulu, 91.1 North Shore, and channel 866 on Spectrum Digital Cable. This radio show features poets, spoken word artists, musical performers, flash fiction and creative nonfiction writers, and more. So the lit is literature, ya’ll, and it’s effing lit because it’s awesome.

The twist to this NPR-sounding show is that writers submit recordings of their work (of themselves reading or performing their work, or a loved one reading or performing their work) with two to four songs that they think ought to play nicely around their works.

The result is be a three-hour-long weekly radio show with some dope lit and some very eclectic musical choices. And you may know I’ve got a soft spot for women-of-color writers, Indigenous writers, LGBTQI writers, intersectional writers, the-personal-is-political writers, ally-is-a-verb writers, drawing-on-our-ancestors writers, heart-wrenching writers, the-revolution-won’t-be-televised writers, sexy writers, boundary-exploding writers, healing writers, community-building writers, damn-the-man-and-the-empire writers, all-of-the-above writers–along with a love for a strange mix of genre-bending music. I hope you’ll tune in!

I am posting playlists and, with the authors’ permissions, recordings of the lit that we air on the show–in case, you know,  you can’t tune in live. So, this website should be a pretty dope, soul-feeding resource too.

Please check out the Wanna Submit? page if you’re a writer who wants to be featured on the show!

Missed a show? Tune in at the Show’s MixCloud page here! ❤