Ep. 148 Maddie Norris

Image taken by Derick Decario Ladale Whitson

This episode features the creative nonfiction of Maddie Norris and the musical tracks she’s chosen to go with her work. Shout out to Margo Steines, previously featured on episode 75 and our episode 86 Call for Blessings, Call for Curses news years show for 2019, for connecting Maddie to us!


Maddie Norris earned her MFA at the University of Arizona and, before that, was the Thomas Wolfe Scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her essays have won the Literary Award in Creative Nonfiction from Ninth Letter and been named Notable in Best American Essays 2020. Her work can be found in Fourth Genre, Territory, and Essay Daily, among others. She currently lives in Tucson, Arizona, where she teaches at the University of Arizona. You can find her on Twitter @madnor94 and on her website, https://maddienorris.com/


  1. Japanese Breakfast’s “The Body Is a Blade”
  2. LIT: Part One of “Hyperbaric, or How to Keep a Wound Alive”
  3. Japanese Breakfast’s “Slide Tackle”
  4. LIT: Part Two of “Hyperbaric, or How to Keep a Wound Alive”
  5. Japanese Breakfast’s “Kokomo, IN”
  6. Author Interview
  7. Ocean Child’s “Nobody Sees Me Like You Do” (feat. Japanese Breakfast)



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