Wanna Be Featured? / Open Calls for Materials

How to Get Featured on It’s Lit

Aloha, Fam! Thank you so much for your interest in being featured on my weekly radio show called It’s Lit, featuring writers to love and the music their work plays best around. Below is all the info you need to be featured on the show.

What I’m looking for:

Because art, like the personal, is always political, I am interested in lit with a purpose.

I want to feature lit that draws ancestors close, that reminds us of how they hold us and that in telling their stories we can hold them too, that underscores our genealogical connections, that reflects lived experiences in the body (that oftentimes-fraught domain), that speaks out against racism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, that looks attraction and desire in the face, that remembers how to slow dance, that tends garden boxes for decolonial love, that creates new space, that builds community, that centers love of land and ocean, that centers Oceania, that knows the power of our imaginations and is devoted to genuine sovereignty, that remembers that what it means to be a grove of trees, that invites us to talk with those difficult, complex emotions we’ve been avoiding and reminds us that we’re safe to feel them, that reminds us that one of the world’s greatest fictions is that we are alone. I am interested in featuring lit that reminds us that we are not alone.

I am also still inviting submissions that address the theme Water Is Life and the love of water. For these particular submissions, I am especially interested in pieces that are in support of water protectors, at Standing Rock, on Maui, worldwide, that are about the power of nonviolent resistance, including what it means to be prayerful and guided and vigilant within ongoing movements for genuine sovereignty, that speak truth to power, that center love of water and land and ancestors.  

And I’m super excited to hear the musical choices you pair with your dope writing.

Send me the following at itslitwithPhDJ@gmail.com

Wanna read live on air?

  1. text of the lit you want to read on air. Lit can’t have curse words and each piece should be about five minutes or less.
  2. two to four songs that you love that you think ought to be played around your piece. Think of a couple songs that might be mood-setters for your piece to be played before your poem/flash piece, and then a couple songs that could be played after your piece as a dénouement, if you will. Sending me song titles and links should be enough for me to track down these pieces, but if you can send MP3s (to itslitwithPhDJ@gmail.com), even better! A song-lit-song-lit-song-lit-song format works well.
  3. a short bio in the third person that I can read to listeners who might want to connect with you and more of your work, including ways for them to connect with you (via social media, your website, where you receive postcards, what-have-you!)
  4. optional: while your creative writing may speak for itself, you are welcome to send over a short statement to introduce your piece so listeners will have even deeper access to the messages within your piece. What inspired your piece? Messages of solidarity are welcome  here too.
  5. a statement on whether you’re down to have the MP3 of your creative writing archived on this website. A simple yay or nay will do. If you are down for this, please also send an image to go with your post. This can be a picture of you or something else that complements your piece.

Can’t/too shy to read live on air?

  1. Send me all of the above AND also send over recordings of you (or a loved one) performing your piece(s) so I can play your work on air! ❤
  2. Even if you prerecord your lit, you’re still welcome to come into the studio to talk story about lit, etc, with me. Or if you rather not come on air/if you’re off island/have a night job/don’t stay up that late, I’m happy to feature your recordings on their own too!

And, so it’s known, I’m excited to feature Indigenous writers, people-of-color writers, LGBTQI writers, intersectional writers, the-personal-is-political writers, ally-is-a-verb writers, drawing-on-our-ancestors writers, heart-wrenching writers, the-revolution-won’t-be-televised writers, sexy writers, boundary-exploding writers, healing writers, community-building writers, damn-the-man-and-the-empire writers, all-of-the-above writers.

Unsure about what you’ve got will fit the vision for the show? Shoot me an email at itslitwithphdj@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to talk it over with you.

My goal will be to respond to all submissions with acceptance/rejection/any requests for revision within four weeks after I receive them. Feel free to follow up with me if it’s been four weeks and you still haven’t heard from me ❤


P.S. Another incentive to come on the show? Can record a “drop” for the show and live on in It’s Lit (and KTUH) history! 🙂


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