Ep. 2 12/4/16 Show Notes Ft. Antonio Harrison

Today’s show features the work of Antonio Harrison, a dear friend of mine from Pasadena, California. In 2013, Antonio obtained a PhD in applied behavioral analysis from The Chicago School. You can check out his podcast, which is titled Two Thirty Year Old Dudes at www.230dudes.com. Antonio responded to my call for creative writing that addresses the theme Water Is Life, in support of the water protectors at Standing Rock. You can find a recording of his poem and his song selection below.

Introduction + Poem:

Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” (preview):

Featured news and announcements:

  1. Nets for Snaring the Sun: Speculative Work from Hawaiʻi and the Pacific” call for speculative literature, deadline 1/31/17.
  2. Veterans to Serve as Human Shields for Pipeline Protesters” from November 29 on the New York Times
  3. Winona LaDuke’s “The Beginning Is Near” from November 29 on IndianCountryNews.com
  4. Aloha, Standing Rock: Islanders Brave Cold, Snow in Solidarity” from December 1 on Civil Beat
  5. Malia Hulleman’s “So You Heard about December 5”
  6. Benny Wenda’s “Solidarity with Standing Rock on West Papuan Independence Day” from December 1 on BennyWenda.org
  7. Mom Gives Birth at Standing Rock: ‘Having Babies Is My Act of Resistance” from November 25 on scarymommy.com
  8. Norway Indigenous Force 1st Bank to Divest from Dakota Pipeline” from November 18 on telesurtv.net

Featured Music

Water Is Life from Echota Cheyenne Killsnight on Vimeo.


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